Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy for the TempForce website maintained by Temp Force, LLC on behalf of TempForce and its other subsidiaries, affiliates and divisions and their respective successors and assigns (collectively, as used in this Privacy Policy, "TempForce").

OverviewThe primary purposes of the TempForce website is:

  • (1)To provide employers who are existing or prospective clients of TempForce with an online tool and resources to post job openings and orders and with other relevant information; and
  • (2)To provide professionals who are seeking jobs with an online tool and resources to assess and evaluate available opportunities that may match their qualifications and preferences and to submit their resumes and other relevant information to apply for such positions.

As a result of its purposes, use of this website facilitates and inherently involves the collection and exchange of valuable and sensitive information among employers, job seekers and. This Privacy Policy covers the collection, use, sharing, retention, care and disposal of personal information by or on behalf of TempForce of or relating to:

  • (1)Anonymous visitors to the TempForce website,
  • (2)Persons who register as employers on the TempForce website,
  • (3)Persons who register as job seekers on the TempForce website, and
  • (4)Other individuals who may supply personal information to TempForce from time to time.

By using this website, such persons expressly to this Privacy Policy.

Users of this website who enter into any online communication or transaction with each other, such as a job seeker and employer, may have their own distinct privacy policy. Users assume responsibility for informing themselves of the privacy policies of such other users and making any user choices, including refraining from communicating with any user whose privacy policy they do not accept.

TempForce reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy from time to time. Any changes will only be effective prospectively, and, with respect to any particular information of or relating to any person, TempForce will comply with this Privacy Policy as in effect at the time such information was supplied or obtained unless it obtains their consent for any other or different terms.

Information CollectionTempForce collects information from and regarding individuals in a variety of ways from a variety of sources. We initially collect information from users of its website during their visits to the website. We may also collect information externally from this website, such as information regarding those job seekers who secure employment with or through TempForce and those employers who are or become clients of TempForce. This information enables us to profile the interests of employers and job seekers, post and solicit applications for job openings and orders and track the status of pending openings. We also collect the information necessary to allow us to make and receive payments and effect other financial transactions with or concerning our client employers and our employees.

We sometimes afford job seekers and employers an opportunity to provide us with specific additional information when they enroll on this website and complete their profile. This information helps us better serve job seekers and employers and includes their preferences and choices on various options.

TempForce also collects and uses information by installing small computer files (known as cookies) on the hard drive of each computer used to visit our website. A cookie is a string of information sent by a website and stored on your hard drive or temporarily in your computer's memory. Cookies are an important element of your experience on our website. They allow us to welcome you each time you visit and customize our information to your past website experiences. Cookies also help us detect and stop fraud. Some computer browsers permit you to disable or uninstall cookies, and you may do so by following the instructions provided by your hardware and software vendors. TempForce does not provide the means for you to opt out of having cookies placed on your computer, and makes no representation or warranty that the disabling devices provided by your hardware and software vendors will be effective to block or remove the cookies. However, disabling or uninstalling these cookies will adversely impact the user experience on the TempForce website and may prevent you from accessing and using certain features of the website.

TempForce and the vendor hosting this website collect traffic data regarding this website, and such data collection activities may involve interaction with cookies, the collection of user IP addresses and the exchange of numeric codes used to identify a computer. Your computer's IP address is not necessarily linked to your personally identifiable information, but does distinguish your computer from other computers that access the TempForce website. TempForce may use traffic data and your computer's IP address to help diagnose problems with its server, analyze trends, administer its website, serve more relevant advertising via Google's advertising network, and for other purposes. TempForce may also use your computer's IP address to identify you as a distinct, though anonymous, visitor, for whom the experience may be personalized during future visits.

To opt out of Google remarketing advertising network, visit Google's Ad Preference Manager

Information UseTempForce uses each registered job seeker's personal information to administer the various services opted for by the job seeker and to make the job seeker aware of career opportunities and other developments from time to time. Among other uses, TempForce uses the information to identify an individual as a registered job seeker, to present potential employment opportunities to the job seeker, to present the job seeker to potential employers, and to report these transactions to the relevant job seeker. We also give each job seeker the option to receive certain targeted communications from time to time.

Information SharingWith the job seeker's permission, TempForce may submit the job seeker's resume, application and/or other information to a prospective employer on the basis that such prospective employer will not disclose the fact that such job seeker is seeking employment or communicate with any other person regarding the contents of such job seeker's resume or application except with the job seeker's consent or otherwise in compliance with applicable labor and employment laws.

TempForce may also from time to time submit the job seeker's profile, with sufficient information removed so that the job seeker is not readily personally identifiable, to prospective employers to solicit their potential interest in him or her as a job candidate. TempForce may share a job seeker's personal information with entities with whom it contracts to assist in administering the job board from time to time.

We may also share a job seeker's personal information with business partners to offer you goods, services and other incentives relating to the job board.

We may also share your information with any successor or assign of all or the relevant part of our business, whether through a sale of our business, merger or otherwise.

In all cases in which we share a job seeker's personal information, we will seek contractual commitments from the party with whom we share such information to abide by the same terms and conditions as those applicable to us in this Privacy Policy regarding the use, sharing, retention, care and disposal of such information.

Information SecurityTempForce restricts access to the personal information it collects to those who need to know that information to accomplish the purposes for which it is collected, used and shared.

TempForce will keep your personal information as long as we believe we may need it, including storage for auditing and archival purposes. When we believe we no longer need such information, we will destroy or otherwise dispose of it in a manner intended to preserve your privacy and security. We endeavor to use commercially reasonable security procedures and practices in the storage and destruction of your personal information to protect its security and integrity. If we discover that the security or integrity of your personal information has been compromised, then we will take appropriate steps to respond to the incident including, if appropriate, notifying you of the incident so you can in turn take whatever steps may be appropriate to protect yourself.

Accessing and Updating Your ProfileJob seekers may review and update, or remove, their job seeker profile directly from the website from time to time. You may also contact us and ask to see your job seeker profile and choices, and you may advise us of any changes or inaccuracies in such profile and choices and we will update or correct as appropriate.

Contacting TempForceIf you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us.

September 2019